FC Tokyo crowns as new Levain Cup champion

The team led by Kenta Hasegawa won the last remaining title in Japanese football this season by defeating Kashiwa Reysol 1-2 in the Levain Cup final.

FC Tokyo was more dangerous throughout the game thanks to, among others, Leandro who opened the scoring and had a couple more chances to extend the lead. Reysol equalized the result just before the end of the first half, something that, far from demoralizing the capital’s team, pushed him to continue dominating the second half where another Brazilian, Adailton, would score the final 1-2.

In this way, a totally atypical season in Japanese football closes with great reason for hope for the next year, since 26,000 people could attend the game. Hopefully next season everything goes back to normal and we can see the flags waving in the stadiums again.

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