Aomori Yamada is on its way to the crown

Aomori’s team is on its way to play their third Final in a row due their stunning tournament after winning 0-2 to Hiroshima Minami, 2-4 vs Teikyo Kaji and today 0-4 against Hirokoshi. After all these solid results, there’s no doubt that they are once again one of the best squads in the tournament and will have to show again next Saturday 9/01 ahead Yaita Chuo, the last step before the Final.

Yamanashi Gakuin and Teikyo Nagaoka also won their quaterfinal games (1-0 vs Shohei and 1-2 vs Shiritsu Funabashi, respectively).

Quaterfinals 5/01:

Yamanishi Gakuin 1-0 Shohei

Yaita Chou 2-0 Toyama Daiichi

Shiritsu Funabashi 1-2 Teikyo Nagaoka

Horikoshi 0-4 Aomori Yamada

Semifinals 9/01:

Yamanashi Gakuin vs Teikyo Nagaoka

Yaita Chou vs Aomori Yamada

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