Yamanashi Gakuin beats Aomori Yamada in the Final

Koki Nagahama, http://www.gekisaka.jp

Yamanashi Gakuin has been proclaimed champion of the 99th edition of the Japan High School Soccer Tournament defeating Aomori Yamada on PK in the first Final in history without spectators.

Hasegawa’s squad beated the team from Aomori in the PK (4-2) after a 2-2, which means their first trophy in 11 years and the second lost final in a row for Aomori Yamada, and can’t deny it’s been a surprise because the club managed by Kuroda has beaten all their rivals in a resounding way thanks a great Anzai Soma, best player and top scorer of the tournament.

Let’s see if some professional team fishes some of the players we have enjoyed during this tournament, by the moment you can take a look to the Final highlights.

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