The J.League foreign players cannot enter to Japan for the beginning of the season.

If someone thought that the Coronavirus had forgotten about the J.League for this 2021, they were very wrong because, due to the state of emergency that was established in Japan last January 8, foreign players and coaches who don’t have a visa residence (newcomers to the competition this year) won’t be able to enter the country until this situation ends next February 7, although it could be extended by the Japanese government until March if the number of contagions doesn’t decrease.

Players like Cerezo Osaka’s Adam Taggart or Tokushima Vortis’ Spanish coach Daniel Poyatos will surely miss the start of the preseason with their teams and perhaps also the start of the campaign (February 26).

These aren’t measures that exclusively affect J.League footballers, any other athlete or foreign person who does not have a resident visa, must postpone their arrival to Japan until the situation is resolved. On the other hand, players who were already there last season will be able to enter the country but must undergo a mandatory fourteen-day quarantine before being able to join their teams.

The impact for the start of 2021 J.League is evident.

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